Album art disappeared with update 1.1.16

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Lexicon version: current version1.1.19 / issue appeared with version 1.1.16
Operating system: Windows 10

Bug description: album art disappeared in Lexicon and in the original file. All was fine until the 1.1.16 update and a synch between EDJ and Lexicon

Step by step to reproduce: permanent but not all tracks, also the green “analyzed” symbol and grey cloud symbol disappeared


I checked the original MP3 file and it seams like it got deleted. But I never touched, moved the file or did anything to them.

Lexicon example (some still with green and grey symbol)

In Engine the art cover is still shown.

In MP3tag the art cover is also not shown anymore.

Can you imagine what happend?


If this is about a DJ app, please also add screenshots of the problem in that DJ app.

I guess I found a glue what happened:

Here an example:
The art work is correct and pops up in EDJ, MP3Tag and Lexicon

If I click now in Lexicon “find tags and album art”…

Settings (overwrite is ticked)

…it doubles the album art in MP3tag

Maybe for others there was a bug and it deleted them?

Here another example:
it´s missing in MP3tag and Lexicon

Here after use the function “find tags” with same settings

But if I try to select the 2/2 picture it disappears. Need to reclick on it

I coulkd reload some tags through Discogs but it still not show in Lexicon but in the edit area

Here it is available

Thanks for reporting this, not sure what is happening there quite yet.

Does this happen to all tracks or just rarely? It seems to add a second album art?

What filetypes are your files? Maybe it is related to that.

All files are mp3 original downloaded via beatport.

Yes it generates a second art.
For some it doesn’t generate one and maybe corrupt the artwork.

I will send you tomorrow a better picture were you can see it seems like to affect random tracks.

I’m quite good in analyzing but can’t really see the pattern here which it affects and which not.

So in Lexicon I have now several groups.

  1. group all is fine
  2. group artwork gone but green and grey sign appears
  3. group artwork, green and grey sign all gone
  4. group artwork appears in “edit” window but not in library list

The green and grey icons (hover your mouse over them) only tells you if the track has a beatgrid, cues, or both. Totally unrelated to album art.

The album art in the track browser list is generated on the fly by Lexicon, it is a mini preview that is saved to the Lexicon database.
The album art in the edit popup is loaded from the file at that moment and is always accurate.

But all of them have cue´s and beatgrids see screenshot

This was all there before and is now missing.

Here 2 interesting videos

The symbols for beatgrid/ cue´s come back via scrolling.
The other video shows the album art issue

Can you upload that Italia file to me?

You can upload with this link

The preview you see in Lexicon is a cached version so even if the album art goes missing somehow, it will still display in Lexicon

Can’t do for the Italia I’m afraid as I have overwritten the art in MP3tag already.

Let me see, if there is a similar case

What exactly you need?
A file where the art work currently isn’t visible in Lexicon?

Problem is, I currently add manually the missing art works piece by piece.

After opening Lexicon they are still missing even they are now visible in the “edit” screen but not in the list.

One or a few of the tracks that “break” after running Find tags & album art in Lexicon. That then do that weird thing with 2 arts but broken.

Have sent you 3 files.

The 14746574_Polar Peak_(Original Mix) is where the art cover seems to be broken.

Picture from the Edit screen:

The other 2 were a test with the “find album art and tag” option.

In windows they seem to be broken again as no art work is shown.

In mp3tag it changed the art work from the one I added today morning (I can see as the resolution is smaller - I add all 1400x1400)

no show in Lexicon, but visible in Edit.

There will be a new beta release soon (hopefully next week) that should also fix this issue. Look for it in the #beta channel on Discord.

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OK I will have a look. Thanks a lot

So beta is installed.
I have to say that nearly all album arts already came back with the latest official version from last week (1.1.20).
But still, there a couple of tracks where it didn´t.
I will send you them via cloud.

Example in mp3tag 3.16:

All ditian tracks show a art except 1:

All others have 1, 2 or 3 arts. Example:

The new “album art reload” function doesn´t do anything.

Might be a bug reported where Lexicon fails to write album art, try the next beta version please, coming later today.

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