Algoriddim Djay 4.0 intigration

Hi there, although I know algoriddim djay intigration has been approached (and dismissed) before; I’d like to bring the idea forward once again.

Djay pro has come a LONG way and are very clearly taking aim at the big boys. The 4.0 update brought DVS support and a whole host of upgrades and customisation. It’s no longer just a beginners program and quite easily rivals serato, rekordbox, trakor and VD in features and quality; if not straight up betters them in many areas.

I’m a working club and festival dj who uses Djay more and more because of it’s crazy (and ridiculously fast growing) feature set and cross compatibility; but haven’t made the full switch simply because I can’t efficiently sync my playlists (cues blah blah) across multiple programs and devices. If this feature were implemented, lexicon would have complete dominance in this library conversion space. At this stage though I have to use another program for Djay.

There is another program that has this feature (DJCU) but it’s a much more basic program and doesn’t have the syncing and library management abilities of Lexicon (simply conversion).

Although I’m sure it’s an enormous undertaking; I really believe it’d be worth the developers while to seriously consider Djay compatibility and implementation within Lexicon. Djay is blowing up and the user base has already extended well into pro, working dj territory.


I keep an eye on Djay and of all the DJ apps that’s probably the next most used one in line. But adding a DJ app is a crazy amount of work because it impacts almost the entire Lexicon.

What I could imagine is adding an importer so Djay libraries can be imported into Lexicon, but not exported. The export part is much more work.

Hi, thanks for the response.

I get where you’re coming from; and I certainly won’t even pretend to understand the ins, outs and intricacies of the programming. That being said, I really do feel like this will continue to be a growing request (and potential issue) for you as programs like djay are growing at an alarming rate. A space to keep a very close eye on and given the amount of work you implied; getting a head start on.

Thanks for all your hard work, you and your team are doing a great job with the lexicon software.


Are they still developing it much?

I know there’s been a load of ios app development, but that seemed to be mainly around moving from a paid for version to a subs model, which was very annoying.

when I last looked the windows version almost seemed like abandon ware compare to the ios and mac versions.

Oh man yeah, there are updates coming thick and fast across the apple platform (OS X & ios). Constantly adding features and listening to the community suggestions, I’m super impressed by their development.
True that the windows side is lacking compared to the apple side, though my understanding is that is mostly due to a lot of the tech in djay making use of the apple chip architecture, which doesn’t easily translate to x86, if at all.

I’m a regular user of traktor and serato, and can honestly say that djay is right up there with them and even outdoes them in many aspects. With just a few more tweaks it’ll be an easy leader. Just the sheer amount of compatibility and features is bonkers for the asking price. Especially when compared to serato.

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Yeah that whole apple chip is a complete red herring.

Serato, Rekordbox, Engine, all support windows no problems at all, and you can run windows on an m1 or m2 chip. I think its just because they are a small company, so small marketshare and don’t put the resources into Windows.

I think it’s a shame, as I used it on Ipad for a while, but they had no real decent way of getting all the cue point and effort into the osx or windows version properly aside from a strange itunes hack.

So great product, but not seen any new things on the ipad side, which is what I still use, or the windows side, which I may use.

What’s new in the ios side then? As I’ve not seen anything in the app

Yeah could be, I’m not a developer so can’t say with any great certainty why there is such a focus on the apple ecosystem, though I would image the programming load would be enormous to port everything over/develop both ecosystems simultaneously.

Not sure when you last checked it out so hard to say what would be new from your perspective; but some of the standout recent features are:

  • DVS support on desktop, iPad and iPhone (ipad and iPhone have never before before done this well on any software)
  • cue and loop syncing between devices (there is high demand for a full library sync feature, which seems to be in development, though I’d imagine that’s a HUGE undertaking). Which means I can be on the bus setting cue points on my phone, come home and hook my iPad up to turntables and spin time code vinyl with all the edits I made on my phone.
  • full midi mapping with support for damn near everything under the sun. Many controllers and mixers are natively mapped and work immediately when plugged in.
  • silly amount of new effects and modulators
  • full streaming integration with the major players (except Spotify, which have closed their doors to dj streaming it seems)
  • upgraded song analysis and sorting options (still waiting on in-app metadata editing, though again, high demand so I’d imagine it’s in the pipeline).
  • not to mention all the video mixing, multiple deck layouts, tonnes of options and I’m missing SO so much on this list.

I don’t have any personal association with algoriddim, I’m just praising the bonkers feature set and speed of development of the software; it’s wild how quickly they’re catching the big guys.

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I have been testing DJay on my iPhone over the last few days and mighty impressed by its capabilities especially its beatgrid analysis engine.

I’m not kidding it is able to analyse 70/80s soul disco and funk (non Quantized music) like a champ. Most of the grids land on beat.

+1 for Djay integration ! :bulb:

I’m a heavy ipad user of Djay, as well as Virtual DJ on my laptop. Both apps uses Tidal as well.

I dream about Djay being integrated in Lexicon to make my 2 DJ apps connected! :heart_eyes:

But I understand the workload it represents.



I’m also slowly making the switch to DJay for DVS and would love to see its integration into Lexicon.

Just did a fresh sync from Rekordbox to Serato in Lexicon. Then did a sync to Itunes. Then I wiped the music files off my iPad. I synced my Itunes to my iPad.

Now all my playlists and hotcues in DJay on IOS match Rekordbox. It was extra steps, but it appears that Algoriddim reads the meta data from Serato tags in the files as a normal mode of operation. :slight_smile:

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That’s good to know!

was really delighted to discover this and it’s a testament to the care they’re put into loading Djay up with features. who else would do that? I’d really keep a close eye on Djay, with some of the hardware Reloop is coming out with, they’re clearly serious. if you already have an iPad, you already have a screen and chip superior to anything you can get in any standalone unit, why not just add a mixer? Djay is certainly the easiest way to get stems without a laptop right now. and some of the built-in instant FX are waaay superior to anything rekordbox or serato are doing. you can argue all you want over stems quality, but the “juggle” and “chop” fx dedicated for vocal stems singlehandedly make up for it imho.