All of my music files were moved?

I keep all of my music files in one folder… after integrating lexicon, all of a sudden most of the music was moved under an Engine DJ folder with artist/album subfolders… some weren’t moved, and a bunch of music now has broken links?

The only thing Lexicon does with the Engine Library folder with artist/album subfolders is exporting it directly to a drive. It only copies though, it doesn’t move anything.

Where are you seeing these broken links?

This is what I’m looking at. Those paths are new… they were all pointing to one folder /Volumes/SAKRD SSD2T/Catalog and now it’s all under an “Engine Prime” folder structure? Maybe Engine DJ is doing this on it’s own? I just didn’t notice it until I did this integration.

Are the original files still there? Lexicon really only copies when exporting so maybe it is something Engine did. I don’t know what steps you went through though.

The only place where Lexicon moves anything is from the Watch folder (if you have a target folder set up).

I have a rekordbox library that I’ll try to upload instead. Assuming there’s a way to wipe out the current debacle?

When you import and leave Merge off, it will wipe your tracks and playlists.