Allow Export of playlist song FILES into a designated folder

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Have an export option in tools that will allow you to export all of the song files within a playlist into an existing folder or newly created folder.

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When transferring a specific playlist to another computer or portable music player or standalone controller, it would be beneficial to be able to very quickly create a folder of the exact tracks used in that playlist.

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In Apple Music, you can share a playlist of song files by dragging the songs from the playlist and dropping it into a folder. Music will then copy all of those song files into that folder.

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Have to go through the painful process of exporting to apple music playlist, waiting for that to update and do its thing with the new tracks (if it hasn’t seen them yet), then drag and create the folders.


This is already on the ideas list! But I can’t say when I will get to it. It’s definitely useful though.

Here’s an ugly workaround that will achieve the same though. It uses the Engine DJ exporter in Lexicon:

  1. Make sure Lexicon thinks you have Engine DJ installed (either by installing and starting once, or create this folder structure Music/Engine Library/Database2 and put this file: m.db (224 KB) in that folder. Lexicon will think you have Engine installed when you go to the Sync page.
  2. On the Sync page, select Engine. Set the Target drive option to anything except (Computer). Could be Dropbox or a USB stick/drive (exFAT formatted).
  3. Select Playlist Sync instead of Full. Choose one or more playlists.
  4. Press Sync to Engine DJ. Lexicon will copy the files to your target drive.
  5. On the target drive, you’ll find a folder Engine Library/Music that contains all the music. You can delete/rename it if you want Lexicon to copy a different playlist.

Pretty easy after step 1 but no substitute for a real feature that does this of course! But it works for now :slight_smile:

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Its %userprofile%\Music.…

Where is that feature ?
In my world, it cant be that hard to program.

It’s not hard, just don’t have the time

after I use engine to do export how to convert it to work with Serato

You can just sync to Serato and it will work on your computer. If you want a portable USB to work on other computers, see How to create a portable Serato USB? | Lexicon - DJ Library Management


Thanks again for a great product.

I would just like to bump this feature request as I believe it essential to how I find myself using Lexicon.

I will use Lexicon to tag and organize all my new music into playlists and it would be super useful to be able to easily copy the playlists to my phone so I can listen to and familiarize myself with my playlists while commuting, taking walks etc.

Try the mobile app, it’s in beta currently and lets you listen to your DJ music on the go, and set cues etc. You’ll find it in the Lexicon sidebar

Works like a charm. Thanks!

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