Analyzation is broken MacOS Monterey 12.6.2

Lexicon version: 1.3.0
Operating system (remove one): MacOS Monterey 12.6.2

Bug description: Analyzing music is broken. Analyze icon doesn’t show up until you play a song, BPM isn’t following the selected range (my range is 68 - 135 and I have songs analyzed at 160BPM), key doesn’t change. MUCH slower than previous versions.

Step by step to reproduce: Issue appears when analyzing any song


Would like to add, the new algorithm for analyzing tracks leaves a lot to be desired. If a song doesn’t have a lot of activity in the beginning, Lexicon will put the first beat near the middle of the record, as shown in the example below:

The cue marker is in the middle of the song, even though there’s an 8-bar clap in the beginning.

At this point I’d do better using an older version of Lexicon until these things are fixed, because these issues are also being synced to multiple DJ software.

The BPM analysis is unchanged but the first beat detection was upgraded. It can find a beat further in the track in some situations like this. It will try to find the earliest beat but if they go off-grid then it won’t find it. That might be the case here.

What do you mean that analyze icon does not show up?

Let’s take a look at this screenshot:

Every song in this screenshot was analyzed, but only the top few actually show the icon that designates when a song has been analyzed by Lexicon. Also note the BPM range. I have it set to 68 - 135. It’s being completely ignored. I shouldn’t have songs in the 140 - 165BPM range.

Also, the grids don’t even show up until I restart Lexicon and load in every song. So I have to analyze records, restart Lexicon, load every record that was analyzed, and then fix the BPM ranges because they’re being ignored.

Third, I think the first beat detection needs a re-work. I think what’s happening is it’s looking for the first kick. If you have a song that goes from an 8-bar clap intro, to a 16-bar break, and THEN the drop where a kick is, it’ll place the cue marker at that kick because there isn’t another kick in the previous 24 bars.

It sounds like it’s not actually analyzing the tracks. Can you upload your logs, from the Help menu? Put this forum link in the description please.
Maybe there is an error happening


You may be onto something. I’m currently trying to analyze six songs and it’s been sitting at the beginning stage for about 10 minutes now.

There is an error in there. It tries to load your track but fails for unknown reason. Might be virus scanner or permission related.

This is where it tries to create a temporary file: /Users/jeffg/Library/Caches/Lexicon/.audio_cache/77c10375-44f2-4d3c-97d6-07f6187ff533_0008.wav (last part is random)

I’ve changed the permissions to allow Lexicon to control my laptop. The issue still persists, though now it will analyze songs. I’ve sent another datalog.

I don’t have any anti-virus programs installed on this laptop.

I’m seeing the same error so I can’t really say what the problem is yet. But I’m adding more logging output to the next update, please wait until that update and try again. I’ll release it after the weekend.

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Try the new update and if it doesn’t work, please send me a chat message on Discord and I’ll make a special version for you with more information

chat message sent, also sent a new datalog

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