Analyze/Detect/Report Tracks with Misaligned Beatgrids

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
Analyze/report those tracks that have or parts of the grid not aligned with the kick drum, such as those that come from music from the 79’s, 80’s or, in my case, ripped vinyl; also those in which the software has not aligned them correctly, due to a detection error. Capture example:

How will this feature help you and others?
It would help, in such a way, that i could enter, for example, some value in some metadata or tag, to later filter/order by this value and analyze it in other software that analyze the track more precisely or allows bpm dynamic analysis of the track such as Rekordbox or VDJ.

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
No, to my knowledge, no software reports this issue.

Does a workaround currently exist?
I’m sorry. I am not a developer and I don’t know how the actual software store the beatgrid in their database or metatag. A possible idea, from my humble ignorance, could be to compare the position of a marker with that of a bass drum.

@djjatoro - If the software could detect a misaligned grid it could also align it. The unfortunate truth is that no analysis algorithm is perfect and there will always be tracks that aren’t gridded correctly and require manual intervention.

If I’ve misunderstood your request and rather than some automatic tool you’re looking for a way to manually tag tracks with incorrect grids to come back to later my advice would be to setup a tag to identify that and use that.

My personal workflow involves exporting new songs from Lexicon to Traktor to do the analysis as it is regarded as having the best beatgrid analysis (it’s probably only marginally better than RB / LXC but for a large library everything counts). Then I import back to LXC and manually check each song that I intend to play for grids. With keyboard shortcuts to move the grids as long as Traktor got the BPM right fixing grids only takes a few seconds per track and I can brush through them fairly quickly.

What @Scythe said. You can use the new Specific Fields on the import page (enable Merge to see the option) to only import beatgrids.

Thanks but sorry, check each song that I intend to play for incorrect grids is not a fast and valid efficient solution for me, since there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of tracks to search and detect those tens that have errors in the beatgrid.


Okay. Please allow me to put it another way.

Let’s forget about the beatgrid, let’s think about analyzing the track in search of areas with significant speed variations, fragments with BPM variation.

Would it be possible to detect it to bring at least a reference or indication that something is not right in the track and deserves to be analyzed dynamically?

No, not at the moment.
You are having a classic problem that has no “good” solution. Dynamic BPM is hard and even the analyzers that do it, are not perfect. So when you say that you don’t intend to check all your tracks manually, then you won’t have perfect grids.

The best thing to do is to use Traktor to analyze all your tracks and use those grids.

Ok. I understand.

With VDJ I don’t have bad results in the analysis either, at least with my special tracks ripped from 90’s vinyl

One question… As long as I have the same playlists in all applications (LXC, VDJ, Traktor…), if I did the analysis with Traktor and synchronizing it through LXC to Engine didn’t convince me, could I do the analysis with VDJ and re-synchronize again via LXC with Engine?

Should I take into account, be carefull with any particularity in these synchronizations in one direction and in another?

Could information be lost along the way? For example, information that is stored in metadata, XML files, database, etc.

No, most data is preserved. Maybe Sets in Traktor are not, don’t think many people use them.

It’s best to use LXC as your main library manager, then sync to each DJ app when you need it.

In your case, since you want VDJ grids, you can export your library to VDJ then analyze the files and import back into LXC. Keep Specific Fields import on only beatgrid. Best to do that with a playlist of tracks instead of the entire library.