Anybody know how to sync with djpro AI?

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Sync with djpro AI

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Being able to sync with djpro AI

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No idea??

Adding a DJ app is a tremendous amount of work so I don’t do that lightly. Djay has been requested a few times before but I honestly think there is a bit of a mismatch with Lexicon users as Djay is more for entry level DJs that are just getting started. Lexicon is for DJs that are more advanced and so usually use a more serious DJ application to mix as well.

Importing from Djay may be something I add in the future as that is far less work than the export part. And getting users out of the Djay ecosystem into something bigger is a better match for Lexicon.

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Totally agree and understand. I use Serato and Rekordbox but have a young nephew who wants to tinker around with it so I have djpro for him. He likes the video feature too.