Archive + Delete + File Moves To An Archive Drive

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
In addition to Archive, add the ability to Delete from LXN & HD with the option to move the deleted file to another drive, sorta like how we can move tracks from “Incoming” to wherever we point it to.

How will this feature help you and others?
So that we can absolutely do all our work in LXN without breaking links to files, playlist, ect…
Maintaining a library without a lot of bloat.

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
Moving files around the HD is available in LXN so it seems this would be doable.

Does a workaround currently exist?
As a mobile/wedding dj I get a lot of pre gig requests that I may never play again or at least very rarely. I color code those tracks in Serato to signal me to delete/archive afterwards. I try to keep a clean & lean library, as small as I can for machine & my performance purposes.
My pre-LXN workflow, I would just drag them from Serato to my external archive drive, then delete them from the drive Serato is pointed to.
I use Vibo and when in prepare mode I have it looking at my working & archive drive so I pull out of archive if needed.

In the Archive, you can use the Cleanup function to delete tracks or move them. Is that what you are after?