Auto cue point algorithm in Lexicon

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For lexicon to be able to set a auto cue points every 8 beat this would hit most of the major cue point for most Reggae, Soca, Reggaeton, and old school R&B and even a lot of Pop songs. This would help with any 8 to 16 beat intro and 32 to 64 beat verse, then 8 to 16 beat chorus, then verse again and
8 beat outro.

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With the 2 present auto cue point algorithm most of my tracks only get an intro and an outro cue point and every now and then a drop cue point doing manual cue point for thousands of songs is a really daunting task.

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Mixedin Key gives you more feasible cue point but because of its inaccurate beat grid the cue points are off most of the time and cannot be placed on the beat. Question also is it possible to import Mixedin Key cue point> But this would mean that I would have to set my beat grid in Traktor then analyzed in Mixedin Key to get the cue points, but Mixedin key might not read the Traktor beat grid properly. Then import the cue point into Lexicon to correct Mixedin Key cue point

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Not that I know of. Can a recipe accomplish this?

You can place a cue point 8, 16, etc beats after the Start cue. Isn’t that what you need?

Yes, exactly what I need

The question I was really asking was can this be done with the auto cue point generator. So, I can batch generate cue point for my many thousands of tracks. Rather that the tedious single track 16 beats jump to place a cue point?

Yes you can, you can create a template using the advanced Cue Point Generator options, save the template then use it on all future tracks, that is exactly how I use mine.

I have a cue at 16 and 32 beats on every track, some it doesn’t work for but most it does

See the manual for more info: Cue Point Generator | Lexicon - DJ Library Management