Autogain and Waveform will be deleted after LXC import, no cover art

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Lexicon version: .latest
Operating system (remove one): Mac, Monterey

Bug description:
Whenever I import my library from LXC into Traktor, the saved waveform and the determined autogain values from Traktor Analyse are deleted each time. If I then reanalyze in Traktor and import again, everything is deleted again - very annoying -
Also no Covers will imported, - is there a solution?

Step by step to reproduce:
every time after import from lexicon


Lexicon should keep your waveform data, that is saved in Traktor and Lexicon does not change it. What Traktor version are you using?

Cover art is a problem in Traktor since there is no way for Traktor to reload it, as far as I know.

Traktor Version is 3.6.0-235

I don’t have any problem with Traktor here.

Can you show me in screenshots or a video what the problem is exactly?

I would like to describe it again:
I can show the “Analysis” column in the Traktor Browser. This shows whether the track has been analyzed with the associated autogain values.
After the import, I analyzed the library with only “Gain”. The waveform is also generated here - i.e. when loading a track it is immediately fully visible.
If I now import the library from LXC again, all analysis data is deleted and there is nothing in the analysis field of the browser, i.e. no waveform, no autogain values. Only after I analyze again are the values available again.

Or do I have to re-import my Traktor library into LXC after the analysis in Trakor so that the analysis values are retained in Traktor the next time I import them to Traktor?
As far as I know, LXC doesn’t save these values from Traktor, does it?
They are only saved in Traktor itself.

Lexicon saves most of the Traktor values too (except the waveform) so it can put them back where they belong. If you analyze in Traktor after importing, and then sync from LXC to Traktor, it will overwrite them again with the old values.

Ok, that would explain why the analysis values are completely empty, right?

And if you sync without doing the second gain analysis, is there a problem then?

I will try it later

I have now done the following:
1.All tracks analyzed in Traktor with Waveform +Autogain
2. Trakor Libary imported to LXC - huge disadvantage - all colored cue points are gone - all are only blue
3. Serato Libary imported with merge function - thank goodness all colored cue points are back.
3. LXC library exported to Traktor - all wave files and auto gain values are deleted again - great ):

Conclusion for me - unfortunately not practical to use

Traktor does not support colored cues, they are only blue. When they have a color in Traktor, they mean something else but can also serve as a cue.

I’ll investigate your Traktor with Serato situation.

Found the problem. It will be fixed in the next beta version, coming in the next few days.

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