Automate some Recipe task sequence

Hi @Christiaan,

I use a recordpool that populates the COMMENT field with some useful descriptions (just like tags). However this recordpool does not use # e.g. the COMMENT will have “Pop,Disco,Wedding,Throwbacks”

I write tags to my LABEL field with the #tag.

I have to use a sequence of recipes in this order e.g.

  1. Prefix COMMENT field with “#”
  2. Replace “,” with “_#” ( _ = space)
  3. Import tag from field
  4. Find tags and Album art
  5. Write tags to file

I wonder if there is a possibility to save such sequences to a single action - maybe in the Utility tab



Saved DJ Script 1 for DJCity
Saved DJ Script 2 for ZipDJ

Sounds like the macro idea where you could run actions/recipes that is remembered by Lexicon. Might be something I will add at a later time.

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Actually I have a smaller thing on the todo list where you can choose the separator used in the Import Tags From Text recipe. It defaults to # now but exactly for this situation it would be good to choose , as separator and that would already solve the most annoying part of it I think.

As for step 3,4,5 that would be the macro idea still.

Perhaps you could add / to it as well. For genre text import

It is a free input field, so anything you want

Check the next beta version, it will have the change

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