Automix POIs in Virtual DJ

I had some tracks that I had placed automix cues into in the VDJ software, but they don’t seem to keep when I import into Lexicon then re-sync into VDJ? Is there a way of keeping this info?

Those types of cues are not fully supported because VDJ is the only one that supports it, Lexion does not support those types of cues either

I assume this applies to any type of VDJ POI…I have several set on several different tracks, and noticed that after syncing to VDJ, the POIs and their associated actions are no longer present.

If you imported from VDJ, then your POIs should still be there after syncing because Lexicon does remember that (but won’t show it in the UI anywhere).

However, if you drag tracks into Lexicon (or import from a different DJ app), then the POI info is not present and syncing to VDJ will remove it

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Circling back to this. I tried what you said in the last post and it didn’t work.

I have a playlist I’m working on in Lexicon. Synced the playlist to VDJ. Added a macro in a POI in VDJ. Imported the playlist to Lexicon. Synced back from Lexicon to VDJ. POI was gone.

What I am trying to avoid is having to redo my POIs in VDJ every time I sync a particular playlist (or group of tracks, for that matter). That’s counter-productive.

I’m not sure it works with re-importing (with merge) yet, I’d have to check

Is there a way that it DOES work? I’m willing to go through extra steps in the short term.

It should work if you add the tracks to VDJ, add POIs, then import those tracks for the first time into Lexicon.

But reading your earlier message I’m not entirely sure and I’d need to check it, especially when merge importing on existing tracks

I just tested it and it does work for me. This is what I did:

  1. Add track to LXC, set some cues
  2. Add same track to VDJ, set some cues and a macro action
  3. Import playlist from VDJ into LXC, with Merge enabled. Track in LXC now has the cues from VDJ, one cue has the macro action internally
  4. Sync playlist back to VDJ. Track in VDJ still has the VDJ cues and the macro action is back where it was

Is that the same as what you’re doing?

Not what I was doing at first. But I just tried it, and it still didn’t work. As of now, I already have the playlist and its included tracks in both LXC and VDJ. There are 3 cues are set in LXC. I went to VDJ and set the cue with the macro actions (which activates a loop then during the 3rd loop, uses stems to play the acapella only) for cue 4. I imported the playlist from VDJ back to LXC with merge enabled. The playlist in LXC still only displays 3 cue points, and syncing it back to VDJ only shows 3 as well.

I get what you’re saying in theory, but I can’t get it to work.

AHA!!! I think I found it. I had specific fields set under the import dialog, and cue points wasn’t one of the selected fields. I ticked the cue point button under selected fields then followed the above directions and it worked perfectly. I KNEW I just had to be missing something. It was a PICNIC error (Problem In Chair Not In Computer)

Thanks again for all your help.

Ah, of course, didn’t realize that :slight_smile: NIce job!

It took me reading my 2nd to last reply out loud to have that “AHA” moment.