Bar markers move after import from Rekordbox

I have a problem where the bar markers shift for certain tracks after importing from Rekordbox. So where the first beat in a bar is correct in Rekordbox, it’s off by one, two, or three beats in Lexicon.


Thanks for the report! I think I might know what this has something to do with. Can you export your RB collection as XML file? You can do that in the top File menu. I think it has the info I need to confirm the problem

Sure, here you go.
rekordbox.xml (674.4 KB)

Here’s another example if you want to cross check what you believe may be causing the problem.


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Wondered if you’ve had any luck resolving this issue Christiaan?

Not yet but it’s on my list, working on some other things and personal life is a bit busy currently. But I’ll let you know, next week for sure

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Sorry, I forgot one thing. Can you change this setting in Rekordbox, under Advanced → Database:

Then export the XML again. That info was missing.

Can you also upload the Higher track from your first post? You can upload with this link:

I’ve updated my RB settings to include the export of BPM change points and re-exported. I’ve uploaded this and the music files, and have included both the WAV and FLAC versions. The WAV is the master from a CD rip, and the FLAC is what i’m using that has been processed by Platinum Notes. I did test both files against this issue to see if PN was affecting the files, but both exhibited the same issue once imported into LXC.

Try this version please, it should fix the problem. Keep an eye on other tracks too. You just need to import from RB again

Looking good so far. Thank you Christiaan.

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