Beat Grid in Lexicon misaligned compared to Serato

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Lexicon version: …
Operating system: Mac High Sierra 10.13.6

Bug description

After importing my Serato database, some songs have different beat grid positioning to that in Serato.



notice the cue point positioning too.

Please run the Beatshift Correction utility (top menu bar → Utility → Other) and see if that helps. Should correct most tracks that have this problem

That’s sorted the beatgrid, thanks. However the cue points are still off.

You can quantize them with the Quantize Cues recipe (right clickt tracks → Edit → Recipes).

But I think the reason is that in Serato you can’t put cues exactly on the grid automatically. So what you see in Lexicon is accurate, you just don’t realize it in Serato.

Quantize with cues works fine in Serato if quantize is enabled

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