Beat Grid off from Serato

Beat Grid is set in Serato
Import to Lexicon
Play track (ANY) beat grid is off
This is on all tracks (So i am having to set all beat grids and Cue points in Serato)
Lexicon 1.2.3

Did you run the Beatshift Correction utility? Top menu bar.
That will correct most tracks that have this problem

If you use the beatshift correction and then adjust the beatgrid, are the cue points, which are usually located on downbeats, also shifted correctly?
Otherwise they would no longer be synchronous.

They are perfect in Serato It is in Lexicon that all them are off 25beat to the right
I am running the Beatshift Correction utility now to see if that fixes the issue in Lexicon
Hopefully it dont mess them up in Serato after i sync it back

This fixed the issue

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once you sync’ed with Serato were the cue points still correct?

Yes everything was fine in Serato and Lexicon
They was fine in Serato to start with just not in Lexicon
Afer running the Beatshift Correction utility in Lexicon beatgrid was fine in Lexicon and Still fine in serato