Beatgrid Ammendments

Hey all!
My collection was at fault of the infamous beatshift problem, My collection has now been re-encoded and now alot of the beatgrids and cues are off,
Is there a way i can amend these within rekordbox then reimport beatgrid info back into lexicon without affecting any other data inside Lexicon?
Reasoning for wanting to do it this way is that i find the rekordbox beatgrid edit alot more clear and precise than within lexicon where i cant zoom in nearly as far as i can with rekordbox


You can import only grids, see How to import only beatgrids from a DJ app?

But now your tracks are re-encoded, the cues will still be off since they belonged to the previous files.

If you are sure the beatshifts are the same for all your tracks (maybe they are all from the same source/shop?) then you could shift the cues in bulk with the Shift Cues/Grids recipe. You will probably need to use something between -50ms or +50ms, experiment a bit with that or enable the Show Milliseconds setting so you can easily see the exact position of your cues.

If you have different shifts, then my suggestion would be to go through your tracks one by one, and correct the beatgrid (hotkey makes it fast). Once done, you can use the Quantize Cues recipe to move your cues to the nearest beatgrid marker.

Make a Lexicon backup between each step, just in case

thank you, I got them all adjusted manually :slight_smile: thanks