Beatgrid editing and audio when scrolling

I am trialling Lexicon as the concept looks great. I am struggling on the beatgrid editing side though. Am I right that when editing a beatgrid you can’t hear audio if you scroll the track back a nd forth with the mouse?
Seems odd as any other DJ software allows you to hear the audio when you ‘scrub’ back and forth which is how I line up the downbeats.

Am I missing something or is this expected behaviour?

That is right, that is the normal behavior at the moment.

Personally, I line the beats up visually. Especially with the new (In beta) 3-band waveform that is quite easy.
But yeah I understand you might be missing the vinyl scrubbing sound but that’s not something Lexicon can do right now.

I’d also recommend trying the metronome. Once you get used to the visual 3-band, metronome and maybe set up some jump hotkeys you won’t be missing the vinyl scrubbing for very long.

Thanks for clarifying, is there a beta release dowload available,or when is it coming out?

Looking forward to that as my other challenge was around the waveform which isnt particularly clear, really like the way denon visualise it. As a final wishlist, making the waveform overview taller would be great too


You can switch to the beta in the Lexicon settings, at the bottom

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So, got the beta and the waveform view is definitely an improvement.

I’m still struggling though with the workflow. If I drop a new beat grid marker (the ‘plus’ button) on the beat I was expecting the grid to adjust both before and after as it does in Engine/RKB desktop? In LXC the marker seems to only effect the grid after, they dont seem to behave as ‘anchor’ points as they do in Engine/RKB. This doesnt make sense to me, or am I missing something?

They should behave the same as in Rekordbox. Every new point starts a new beatgrid from that point on with it’s own BPM.