Beatgrid offset in traktor

Hello! This has been a problem I can’t figure out for awhile, basically in traktor the beatgrid is offset for all songs - shifted to the right a bit. If I change it in traktor and sync it, it does change it (and make it wrong) in lexicon (and rekordbox)

Rekordbox <> Lexicon works as expected

here’s a screenshot

This looks like the beatshift problem: My cues and beatgrids have shifted slightly

But it doesn’t look like much so could just be somewhat visual and not noticable in your audio.

Hi I experience it as well in Traktor.
Some tracks have it (since i started using Lexicon) and some dont.
Thing is also the Cues shift a bit - so it does affect my mixing if i dont fix it manually.
I only solve it LIVE while djing - i press auto grid in Traktor and it returns to the correct grid, but the hotcues dont change obviously.
Thank for bringing that up!