Beatgrid starting at the very beginning

Hey Lexicon guys,

I’m starting using Lexicon. Your Beatgrid doesn’t work like I want it to have. Beat 1 should always be the first bar. Your beat grid does something which is not understandable for me. It starts somewhere…

Is there a way to enforce the beat grid always starts with “1” at the very beginning of each track ? I’m using a lot of non Mixable Tracks like classic, oldies etc. therefore it’s really confusing because Serato is always starting at some point. Specially during dinner hour etc, it’s not possible to use autoplay function.

I just want to have the start of every track at the beginning.


A better beatgrid analyzer is being developed right now, hopefully that will address your problem


Fluid beatgrid i hope :grinning:

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Hi, any update on this I am having the same issue??