Beatgrids + Key Completly off

Lexicon version: 1.3.15
Operating system (remove one): Mac (Macos Ventura 13.3.1)

Bug description:
When new track is added to library:

  • BPM is not set correctly
  • Key is not set correctly
  • Beatgrid is off the beats

Start of the track:

Middle part of the track:


The track:

So I went manually through the track and added several “points” in beatgrid to make sure its gonna fit the beats - the result:

Then I exported whole library and checked this song in the Serato DJ (3.0.0):

The beatgrid is off - my adjustments are not there:

And when I let the serato analyze this song:

it provides me with different key (which is correct) (I triple-checked my key mappings and it is correct).

And this is not the one and only song which behaves like that - I started to verify every single song analyzed by Lexicon to check if the BPM + GRID + Key matches the reality, cuz I cannot trust it. And thats not time-saving at all :frowning:

Can you, please, take a look?

Another example:



And one more:



The beatgrid analyzer is not always right so manual adjustments are sometimes necessary. However, Serato does not properly support these multiple beatgrid markers so it’s not really possible to get a perfect grid there

All right.

How about the key & bpm mismatching? Is that the same case?

BPM is the same as the beatgrid analyzer, so not always right.
Key is a different analyzer but it’s quality is not where I want it to be yet, it’s alright but not great.

You can let any DJ app analyze the beatgrid and key though, and import just that information into Lexicon. Traktor is great at beatgrids. See this guide

Thanks, that sounds cool. I guess the beatgrid is saved in the “DJ Software” database, not in the track meta data, right?

Yep, that’s why you have to import it into Lexicon

All right. Then please, consider this topic solved. Except for what I reported before, you have written a brilliant piece of software! Well done, sir!

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