Beatgrids lose 4th beat?

I used to use strictly Rekordbox but I recently moved all my tracks to Lexicon, wiped everything from my USB and Rekordbox, and started over. I made all new playlists starting in Lexicon.

Everything has been absolutely amazing (the software is incredible) but I have one major issue. In order to get the tracks to my USB drive I synced to Rekordbox and synced Rekordbox to my USB. Upon playing on CDJs I find that many of my tracks (possibly most) suddenly have strange beatgrids. The 4th beat doesn’t seem to be present. This causes all kind of problems with CDJs as you might imagine. Important to note: This beatgrid problem doesn’t show up in Lexicon OR Rekordbox, only on the CDJ. I fixed it on one playlist by overriding the Lexicon beatgrid with a Rekordbox one so I’m thinking it could be a Lexicon issue.

Hi there. This is a known problem that I’m trying to figure out. Haven’t been able to quite fix this problem yet but still working on it!