Beatgrids not transferring to Serato now

Hi Christiaan,

All of a sudden the grid from Lexicon is not being transferred to Serato after syncing.

I am gridding in Serato, sending back to Lexicon, the markers are good inside Lexicon but they are completely off in Serato after sycing back.
Any ideas?

How much is completely off?

It’s just not following any of my markers. One track in particular that I was trying to grid correctly is is Eric Prydz - Opus. As you may know, it starts off sounding slow but it is still 126bpm if you double it multiple times but speeds up gradually to a proper 126BPM for the drop so I had to mark it every 8 or 16 beats or something like that from the beginning till the drop and then do the opposite at the end when it slows back down. It’s not a drift and my markers show up still but they are not in the right place as they are inside Lexicon. I’m not in a hurry for this now, I have gridded that particular track separately inside Serato on my DJ laptop for tomorrow but next week when I prep again and sync back to Serato, it will be off again.

Did this track sync normally in the past? I don’t think anything changed here recently

I don’t know about this one actually but the way it has been working is anything that has the grid set properly in LXN syncs to Serato the same way as it is gridded in Lexicon. This doesn’t seem to be working now for me.

Try a track that you’ve gridded before and that you know will work in Serato properly.

This sounds like it could be a false positive for the beatshift problem