Best way to import an iTunes library synced to Rekordbox? (iTunes date aded & playlists + Rekordbox grids & cues)

Here’s my current library setup:

  • Manage files and playlists from iTunes (w/ iTunes match so I can access my library on my phone)
  • Sync to Rekordbox and only use that for grids & cues and syncing to USBs for DJing (spend as little time in Rekordbox as possible!)

What’s the best way to import my library while retaining the three most important things to me? Which are:

  • Playlists: mostly in iTunes with a few history playlists from Rekordbox
  • Beat grids & cues: Don’t want to have to rebuild these for obvious reasons!
  • Date added from iTunes: This is hugely important to me as I often discover tracks in my library by seeing what else I imported around the same time (my import history goes abck to 2007!). It’d be a real bummer to lose this.

My thinking is that I need to import all of my iTunes playlists into Rekordbox and then import to Lexicon from there, but I think I’ll lose my iTunes Date Added by doing this… Is there I could import from both and then merge them somehow?

Super excited to have found this software and finally stop using iTunes as my main library management!

Hi there!

What you can do is import your iTunes into Lexicon, that will keep your Date Added. Then sync to Rekordbox, which should also retain your Date Added.

If you have a separate library in Rekordbox, then you can import that into Lexicon first. Then when you do the second (iTunes) import, make sure the Merge option is enabled and it will merge the two libraries into one.

I would advice you to make a backup before starting that so you can always go back and once you’ve done that, I’d say just try it. I’m here if you need more help with it.

Awesome thank you for the quick response @Christiaan ! I’ll give this a go and report back.