Best Workflow Recommendations

I am enjoying this product and still adjusting to the new workflows. Today my workflow goes from Download Music, and run them through MIK/PN. Using a renaming tool, I then rename the tracks after modifying Track/Artist/Genre and other tags using MetaBiss. I then import Music in iTunes, and modify the groupings, so they go to their appropriate smart list folders.

From there I use a tool (TiMP) to move them from iTunes to Traktor. In Traktor tracks get analysized and run through Traktor Key conversion to get the key, and fix and adjust all cue points.

Now I then run DJCU to create an xml which then gets moved/copied to my dedicated Denon Prime Drives. Since I have 3 of them and need them all to be in synch, I use Carbon Copy Cloner, to copy all USB prime drives.

Couple of questions

  1. Based on my current workflow, any different steps I should take to achieve the same result. I currently I used the same workflow, but once the music was in Traktor, I imported it into LEX, where I can make additional changes.
  2. If my library is in LEX, and I make additional changes in Traktor, do I simply need to re-import everything, or does it only synch with the latest changes.
  3. For export, since I use Denon gear, is it best to export to Engine DJ on desktop (Mac) or should I export directly to USB. Now similar question to the above, if I make changes in LEX, how do I export the latest changes or do I need to export everything.
  4. Is it worth using Engine on Desktop, and use Synch Manager, so I can synch back any changes from the prime usb drives, back to Engine, and back into LEX.

Thanks and sorry for all these questions

It can be much simpler with Lexicon, maybe something like this:

  1. Download music to the Lexicon watch folder:
  2. Run MIK and PN (replace the original file with the PN file). See Guide: Using Mixed in Key with Lexicon
  3. Then analyze, set your cues, add tracks to playlists etc. Important to do this after PN since PN can move your cues.
  4. Sync to Traktor and Engine. You can sync directly to Denon gear and skip Engine desktop altogether. Importing playlists can be done from Denon gear too.

You can use the carbon copy cloner still, or just sync to all 3 drives separately.

You can also sync to iTunes but it’s a bit annoying to do so, so if possible I would remove iTunes from the workflow completely.

Can you advise why synching to ITunes/Music app is a pain. I still need to use it.
For synching to the drives separately, and with 40k if tracks, this can take a long time to export. Is that right.
For the PN, maybe good to run PN and rename before moving to watch folder other the file path with not be located properly

Getting your library into ITunes is a pain because you need to delete the iTunes database each time. If you don’t do that, it will not update existing tracks. You can still import playlists without deleting the database though.

Yeah 40k tracks will take a while to copy.

If you let PN replace your files, then it’s fine. The nice part about setting your Watch folder to your Downloads folder is that it is quite seamless to download tracks and they appear automatically in Lexicon. But you can do a step in between if you prefer.

is it posible to import playlists from computer (not serato,recordbox,etc) organise them (delete files ,add new tracks,rename songs and playlists, etc) and import them to serato, recordbox,etc? thanks in advance

Sure, you can drag folder into the playlists panel in Lexicon and it will automatically create playlists for you. Works for M3U (playlist) files too.

Once they are in Lexicon, you can just sync to Serato and Rekordbox normally and they will appear there.

but what about moving files between playlists( deleting playlists, or renaming playlists) can this be done in lexicon?

Yep absolutely. You move tracks in your playlists, but it doesn’t move the actual files on your computer. Not sure if that is what you are after…