Beta crashes after loading in song

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: latest beta
Operating system (remove one): Windows / Mac

Bug description:
After some time of use when the track is loaded, the lexicon freezes and It’s not possible to reopen It anymore (reinstall of stable is needed)
Step by step to reproduce:


Do you know how to reproduce this?

It happened a couple of times by loading the track while another track was loading, like if you go fast from one track to another.

I’m pretty sure files are good.

Okay, are you on the latest beta? I’ve tested it quite a lot by going through tracks very quickly but never had it crash. Might be memory related though so I will test that some more.

I didn’t figure out what happens or when, but I have It in this failure state where It’s impossible to open anymore until reinstalled. Is there anything I can export for you, like a log or something?

Are you sure a LXC restart doesn’t fix it either? Keep in mind it stays active in your tray until you close it there.
I don’t know of any bug or reason why only a reinstall would fix something.

If you can keep an eye on the memory Lexicon uses while you’re using it; it would be good to know if the memory only increases up to a point where it crashes.

I know It’s active in the tray if It runs, but even after restarting I can’t run It…weird anyway, I’ll keep on stable, and hope a new player will be released soon In stable :slight_smile:

Are you on Windows?
I think the bug you ran into is that the desktop shortcut on the beta version sometimes fails and that makes Lexicon not start. So the install is fine (follow the shortcut) but the shortcut itself is bad for unknown reason, quite an odd bug.

Yes indeed, this was a problem. Shortcut is pointing to the directory in the second picture but the source is in a directory in the first picture (additional subfolder of version).


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