Bitrate of m4a tracks showing as 1411.2 instead of 256kbps

Lexicon version: 1.6.16
Operating system (remove one): MacOS Sonoma14.5

Bug description:

Bitrate of m4a audio tracks is displayed as 1411.2 instead of 256kbps


Can you upload a few of those?

Sent now.


Hmm I thought the bitrate could be calculated as bit depth * channels * samplerate so 16 * 2 * 44100 = 1411200 bps = 1411.2 kbps

And these are CBR tracks but at 256kbps, where am I going wrong? :thinking:

I will confirm the bitrate displayed for those tracks in Serato / Engine DJ

I should just use MP3 like every other person :joy:

I do find that 256kbps m4a has better resolution than 320kbps MP3 when I’m compressing FLAC/WAV/AIFF

Referencing same track in Serato

Yeah it shows 256 for me as well in kid3 but the codec data shows 16 bit depth, 2 channels and 44.1khz which results in 1411.2 kbps so how are there 2 different kbps values? :thinking:

Looks like LXC RKBX and TP3 are buddies

I suspect than 256kbps is a header value, just something set by the encoder and 1411.2kbps is the real answer since it’s calculated

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