BPM wrong after importing tracks

I imported a playlist directly from Rekordbox, of the 21 song, 9 songs bpms were incorrect. Additionally the cue points assigned in Rekordbox were in the wrong spot on Lexicon. I then imported the same playlist directly from my music folder into Lexicon and the BPMs are still significantly different. I re-analyzed the tracks, the BPMS did not shift.

Ex: Song in Lexicon BPM: 90.67 → Same song in Rekordbox BPM: 136.00 (see below for screen captures)

Did you import through the Import screen with the Rekordbox (fast, unofficial) method?

When importing the playlist from Rekordbox I did it through XML slow, unofficial. The second time I imported the music files directly from my g-drive - music folder. New tracks that I buy I take directly from the download folder and drag and drop them into the watch folder that’s mapped in Lexicon and they automatically import into Lexicon, the same BPM issue persists. Is it the way I’m importing the tracks?

If you drag tracks into Lexicon, then there is no BPM information yet. So when you analyze, that is what Lexicon thinks the correct BPM is and that may be wrong.

If you import from Rekordbox, then Lexicon will use the BPM and beatgrid that Rekordbox was showing.