Broken Organization with Enginge DJ on Ext HD


I think I’ve broken my organization structure slightly and could use some advice on how to best get back on track.

So basically I’ve got three different computers I alternate between. I’ve collected music on all of them and are in the process of unifying that into one shared library organized with Lexicon. I own a Denon PRIME GO and a pair of SC6000 and are exporting to Engine DJ. I’ve purchased an external HD with the idea of having a both the the “Incoming” folder and “Library / Completed” tracks here. Every time I work on the library I save the Lexicon database on the External HD and export Engine DJ to the External HD. This seem to me to be the best solution to setup a shared library over multiple computers although it’s not perfect as sometimes you have to quit unexpectantly without having time to backup Lexicon or Engine DJ for example.

When switching computers I sometimes have to relocate the drive however. It seems to me that whenever I export to Engine DJ it copies all the tracks to the Engine Library\Music folder. I thought I could save space by making this folder the main Library for Lexicon as well. So instead to having Lexicon relocate the track in E:\Music\X.flac i told it to E:\Engine Library\Music\X.flac instead. This works well in about 80% of the cases with about 20% of the tracks missing due to wrong subfolder (album name). In most cases a subfolder named “Unknown Album” has been created and I need to manually relocate these tracks.

Sorry for the wall of text, now to the questions:

  1. Is there any issues to be aware with this approach or am I right in thinking this saves space on the hard drive to use Engine DJ library as the main Lexicon Library?

  2. Is there any fast way of relocating the tracks that has had a subfolder added, preferably in bulk?

Currently Lexicon is looking for the track in:
E:\Engine Library\Music\X.flac

But it’s currently located in:
E:\Engine Library\Music\Unknown Album\X.flac

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Lexicon only copies track to Engine if you don’t have Desktop selected as the Target Drive option on the sync screen. Engine is the same way, it only uses the Engine Library/Music folder for USB or Prime/SC6000 when copying them. The Unknown Album happens because Lexicon (or Engine) copies your files, the folder structure is what Engine has decided on so Lexicon follows that to be compatible. If you just sync to Engine Desktop, you won’t have that problem anymore.

So I wouldn’t use the Engine Library/Music folder, there’s no need for that. Anywhere on the drive will work the same way.

This guide may help figure out a good workflow for multiple computers, it explains a lot: Guide: How to use Lexicon on two different computers

The fast way to relocate is to use the Find Lost Tracks utility, see Find Lost Tracks / Relocate

For your example, I would use E:/Engine Library/Music/Unknown Album/ and E:/Engine Library/Music/ as source and target.

If you don’t want to relocate each time, you can use a Local Path Mapping. But I think if you can prevent the Unknown Album thing and always use E:\ on all computers, you won’t need a path mapping.