[Bug] .aif files header gets damaged after using the "write tags to file" feature

Lexicon version: beta 1.5.127
Operating system: Windows

Bug description: .aif files header gets damage after using the “write tags to file” feature

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Select a track without genre
  2. Update the genre
  3. Write tags to file
  4. Select only genre
  5. Reload tags
  6. All the tags are gone and can’t be re-created from Lexicon




Original file + damaged file + report uploaded here:

The problem is that the AIFF was already damaged, so when Lexicon tries to re-write (and fix) it, it is unable to and results in not having any tags.

I’ll see if I can change it so it won’t lose the broken tags because I guess that’s better than nothing.

You might be onto something here. I tried with a file freshly bought from Beatport, untouched. I cannot reproduce the problem. So that means it is one of the other tools I use in my workflow that damages the file, either Platinum Note 10 or Mixed in Key.

What software do you use to check if the file is broken? It seems I will have to open a bug on their (Mixed in Key) side…

Don’t implement hacks in your code to compensate other apps problems. I’ll sort this out once I identified which application ruins my tracks…

I use ffmpeg and ffprobe to check if MP3s are broken, might be useful for AIFF too. The thing is that “broken” is fluid here, some broken tags work fine in one program and completely break in another. So that also makes it hard to detect if something is broken.

Which ffmpeg command(s) do you use? By broken you mean unsupported or non-standard (like not in the ID3v2.4 specs) tags?

In the original file, I find 2 non-standard tags: ARTWORKGUID and CATALOGUENUMBER that I deleted. On the other hand, the non-standard EnergyLevel tag is added in the modified file.

Non-standard tags are no problem usually. Like I said, sometimes the header is broken but can still be read. So it’s hard to tell if something is broken or not…

Hi there!
Once again, I lost the tags of about 600 tracks and I still do not understand how. My music library is on OneDrive. Could it be the reason (I am thinking about the synchronization damaging the metadata)? Any similar feedback?

I don’t know but it could be… OneDrive/Dropbox/etc work with files in such a way that I can’t be sure what happens or what can go wrong there

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