BUG - BPM, Key and Energy not importing from iTunes XML


I’ve encountered a bit of a bug with iTunes importing.

The BPM is not importing and neither is the Key and Energy (which was added in Mixed In Key) when I import my iTunes XML.

The only way this info will load in, is if I “Update Tags” afterwards.

Any idea why this is happening?

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I don’t think iTunes knows what those are so they are not official fields that get imported.

If you want Key from MIK in Lexicon, see Guide: Using Mixed in Key with Lexicon | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

If I import from iTunes and then update tags, whilst unticking genre, grouping, comments and composer (so it doesn’t overwrite those fields from iTunes), everything seems to work fine.
BPM, Camelot keys and Energy get filled.

Quite a nice way of working that you can feed in data from multiple sources and choose to keep the bits you want.

Is it possible to import ONLY the Beatgrid data from Traktor?

Reload tags looks for some hidden MIK data, that’s why they got filled.

Yes, check out How to import only beatgrids from a DJ app? | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

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