BUG: Field Mapping -> Virtual DJ not working

Lexicon version: 1.5.10
Operating system (remove one): Mac M1 Pro / OS Sonoma

Bug description: Field Mapping → Virtual DJ not working

Step by step to reproduce:

I’m trying to combine fields into 1, I tried deferents combinations & variations of mappings and the results are the same no matter what I do.

1- Fields Remixer, Composer & Grouping = Empty
Danceability & Energy filled with info.

2- Edit Mappings
Danceability → Remixer (OVERWRITE = OFF)
Energy → Remixes (OVERWRITE = OFF)

3- Export Playlist (1 Track) to VDJ

4- Reload Tags
Remixer = Danceability, Composer = Popularity & Grouping = Energy

Screenshot: Attached 3 files

Did you check the Remixer field in VDJ? That is where the field mapping sends them
Reloading tags will do nothing here.

The Remixer field in Lexicon will not be changed in this way, I think you are misunderstanding what field mappings do.

If you want to combine fields permanently in Lexicon, use the Merge Fields recipe instead.

Hello Christiaan,

Thanks for the video, but.

For some reason, it appears that the information in the files is not being refreshed, and I’ve determined that this is not an issue with Lexicon.

I’ve encountered another problem. I selected 30 files and deleted the content in the “Composer, Remixer, Grouping” fields, then tried to “write file tags”. However, for some reason, the new information is not being saved. I’m not suggesting that this is an issue with Lexicon per se, as I encountered the same problem when trying it to do it in VDJ with the same result.

After successfully emptying those fields, I tried again and this time it worked, but the result was unexpected. The “Remixer” field now shows “08 Danceability 08 Dance, 07 Energy”, when it’s supposed to be “08 Danceability, 07 Energy”. Right?

Thank you

In your screenshot, you had Overwrite disabled. So it adds danceability and energy to the existing value of the Remixer field.

If you want to update ID3 tags, you can set up a field mapping for that too. Right click your tracks → Use → Write Tags To File. There is a field mapping button there too.

But field mappings exist to copy/merge values into the DJ apps. If you want to copy or merge values in Lexicon, then Recipes are the way to go, since that is permanent inside Lexicon.

I just found my problem. When I was saving the Tag to File, I missed the option ‘Field Mapping’, which was a different selection. Now I understand. Please delete or close this topic, as it was definitely a user error.

Thank you.

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