Bug in v 1.6.11

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Lexicon version: 1.6.11
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description:
Lexicon freezes when sorting through tunes. the last time it froze, I had just opened Lexicon and sorted a column by artist and then it froze - this update ha pretty much rendered Lexicon useless to me

Step by step to reproduce:
Hard to explain. I’m just sorting through tunes in a playlist and sometimes lexicon will freeze (while still playing audio) after XX amount of tunes have been sorted through - sometimes 4 tunes, sometimes as soon as I sort a coloumn by artist for example - it’s hard to replicate. But when it freezes, I’m unable to select or operate anything inside lexicon - audio remains playing though


This only happens when playing audio?

This has also happened to me just after a restart of the software, and then I click the playlist I want to work in and then sometimes it’ll freeze and I can’t clock anything (so before playing audio) other times it’ll happen after a couple of songs. But I’ve found I generally can’t work for more than 5 to 10 minutes without it freezing on me.

Brad Cooper

Do you have the album art and/or preview column enabled? Try without them, they take up a bit more resources

I’ve attached a screen shot of how I’ve had it laid out during my workflow.



Okay I don’t see anything special… Can you make a video that shows your steps until it freezes?

No worries. I’ll do one up and send it through.



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