[Bug] Sorting on keys does not seem to work on beta 1.5.130

Lexicon version: 1.5.130
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description: Sorting on keys does not seem to work anymore

Step by step to reproduce:


Do you mean that it starts with 8B ? Looks sorted otherwise

It starts with 8B and when I sort the other way around it starts with 7A. I have tracks in 1A, 3A, etc. as you can see in the 1st screenshot

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.


Okay, the reason is sorts like that is because it internally sorts by Open Key which starts at 1D and that equals Camelot 8A

This behavior is counter-intuitive from a user perspective: I expect the sorting mechanism to sort what I see on screen. As my keys have always been recorded with the Camelot notation, I assume you have a mapping table on the back-end side. Also, you sort via an “order by” on the DB query? Why not do it on the front-end?

The thing is that there can be combined values, like 3M, 5B, F# and Gbm. We can sort that alphabetically but that would be fairly useless… So internally all that is translated to open key and then sorted. And yes that is a sort on the database so it stays nice and fast. Some people have a million tracks…

Mixing musical key systems in a single library does not make any sense. If we go that way, we should also account for the case where I want to register track duration in seconds in parallel of hh:mm. It would be stupid and I should not expect the application to sort things correctly.

The user should decide once and for all which musical key system to use (and stick to it).

Also, what is the purpose of the setting “Key format”?

It’s just reality…

Key Format is what Lexicon displays in the track browser.

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