Bug when Using a feature with multiple tracks

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: 1.1.16
Operating system: Windows

Bug description:
Selecting multiple tracks and using a feature on them doesn’t work (Cue Points / Find Tags)
Step by step to reproduce:
Select multiple tracks with SHIFT and left click
Right click > Use > Generate Hot Cues / Find Tags Album Art > Start
No Cue points are generated
(whilst selecting 1 track and generate one by one - works fine)

If this is about a DJ app, please also add screenshots of the problem in that DJ app.


Is this still the case after a Lexicon restart? I don’t have this problem here at all, might be a fluke

Hi, it’s not a first for me, even after a restart and everything. Happens to be that I report this now cus I got tired of it, been a subscriber for 2 months already.

Though… In the old version (with the companion app) it worked fine I was able to select all tracks and generate everything

Can you make a quick video demonstrating the problem? That will really help me recreate the problem on my side

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