Bug with export to spotify after trackmatcher

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Lexicon version: newesr 16.05.24
**Operating system: Mac

Bug description:

When I use the track matcher, sometimes I get wrong results for some tracks. No problem, so I remove them from the "matched tracks. If I do so, you can the original searched track in “not found”. If you use a list of the tracks you need to download, it works, but if you send it back to spotify, it forgets the tracks you just removed from the results. It only uses the ones it originally couldn’t find.

you can see by counting tracks left and the result in the middle. I removed two tracks fro the results.

Step by step to reproduce:

track matcher - remove some titles from the list - go to not found - export to clipboard → everything fine → export to spotify → only the tracks originally on the not found list are on.


Thanks, good catch. I’ll fix that soon

Will be fixed in this weeks update :+1: