Buggy export using library imported from Lexicon

Hi @Christiaan

I have been having an issue when i try to export from Engine DJ to a USB/SD card for playback.

An error pops up saying database on the USB/SD card (performance is corrupted)

Repro Steps

  1. Import my Serato DJ Library to Lexicon (merge option)

  2. Sync to EDJ (desktop) (unlock all, no artwork)

  3. Exit LXC

  4. Start up EDJ (analysis for waveform etc)

  5. In EDJ reimport track info to populate artwork

  6. Export from EDJ directly to USB/SD card using EDJ’s Sync Manager

  7. Process starts and then the error occurs.

The T3 is my performance usb ssd drive.

So what i did

  1. delete my engine dj database

  2. imported my Serato lIbrary directly to Engine DJ using the built in feature

  3. analyse etc

  4. Export to same USB/SD (reformated)

  5. Export was succesful.

Are you using the Add album art sync option? That can cause a corrupt database in some cases, unsure why yet so maybe that is the issue here too

No i have that disabled as it takes forever

But i do “reimport track info” process in EDJ to get the artworks as well

Can you try the steps without reimporting track info in Engine?

And if you still get the error, would be even better if you can try with a playlist of 1 track. Then make the same playlist in Engine without getting the error. Then I can compare the two databases

small playlist exported without errors - with and without re-import information

i am in the process of exporting my usual library again - currently analysing

i will keep you posted

Hi @Christiaan

Well I just finished exporting as usual…successfully completed

No errors or corrupt database.

Maybe it was the Engine desktop database or something else?

Who knows.

I rebuild from LXC the EDJ DB nearly a couple of times per week.

For now I will keep an eye on things.

Thanks :pray:t5:

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