Bulk update file paths - Loom included

So I am trying to update the filepath for about 500 tracks to point to the same folder.
I created a smartplaylist to show me all the missing.
In rekordbox these files error “Already in collection.”

I am going 1 by 1.
Is there a quick way to do this?

Please see here:

Would love a loom example where possible (visual learner :wink: ).


You can actually select multiple tracks and Relocate to a folder, then Lexicon will match by filename.

The problem is that the tracks you are relocating to are already in Lexicon:

So you have to remove those before relocating the old ones there. But before you do that, which of those 2 tracks are in your playlists? The source track or the target track? Just so we don’t break your playlists.

Thanks, more details here:

Okay, that’s good, and you’re right - the reason it doesn’t work now is because the tracks are already in Lexicon.

The quickest way to solve this:

  1. Open the Playlist Occurrence utility (top menu bar) and put it on zero. That should result in your tracks without any playlist
  2. Save that to a playlist and then select all tracks in that playlist. CTRL+CMD+DEL so the delete popup show and delete those tracks from Lexicon.
  3. Now you can try the relocate multiple tracks again

It resolved 20 tracks.

As a work around, would putting those missing tracks in a playlist, then somehow working with Duplicates to select the one that isnt missing work?

Can you give me a break down how I would do this if it would?

That would work too but it’s not the easiest way.

If you can get rid of those “wrong” tracks in Lexicon, then the relocate will work. With Playlist Occurrence we looked for tracks in zero playlists, but maybe those tracks are in another playlist somehow? I would check that first