Can I map custom ID3 tags to be Read/Written from my files?


New user here. Some of my files are already tagged with Danceability/Popularity/Energy (and other custom fields) prior to importing to Lexicon. The energy UDTI field “ENERGYLEVEL” was created by Mixed in Key and the rating populates in Lexicon just fine on import.

The same can’t be said for any other custom field that I’ve put on my files including Danceability/Popularity.

My questions are:

  1. Can custom fields be designated to be read on import?
  2. Can I designate a custom field to be written to on export/sync, or with the “write tags to file” command?

Thanks in advance.

Lexicon reads a few MIK values, but I don’t think Popularity and Danceability are from MIK. Where are they from?

Those aren’t imported right now. Best you can do is to move them to an ID3 tag that Lexicon does read, you can probably do that with mp3tag.

As for writing tags, you can set up a Field Mapping, see

Thanks for the response Christiaan,

I realise you can map fields, but only to a limited list. I cannot map to a user defined field.

That aside, I figured out that I can import via CSV. However I have a final difficulty:

  • For my FLAC files, I cannot get “Mix” or “Producer” to populate in Lexicon no matter how I map my tags in my tag editor (Yate).

I’ve tried mapping Mix to the default for Vorbis comments, “SUBTITLE”, to how Traktor saves Mix information, “MIXARTIST”, and finally to the ID3 standard “TIT3”. Nothing works.

Similar story for Producer however I cannot get Traktor to display this information saved to my files (unless set in Traktor).

How do I fix this?

Thanks again.

I don’t remember exactly but I think Lexicon doesn’t read Producer and Mix fields from FLAC right now. I’d have to add support for it. Most other Vorbis tags that have a Lexicon equivelant should work though, like composer, comment and grouping.

It looks like your next question is another person struggling with this same issue regarding “mix” not importing.

No offence, but this is a super-premium product and you’re expecting me to manually fix Mix and Producer information in my pre-existing library. This is an enormous waste of time.

Can I expect this will be fixed in the very near future?


Yep, it’s on the list for the next beta.

Today’s beta update has support for the Producer tag (unofficial, since there is no official Producer tag). It uses the freeform TXXX:PRODUCER tag for ID3 and the PRODUCER tag for Vorbis. It will read the lowercase and titlecase version, eg TXXX:Producer or producer but Lexicon only writes the uppercase version.

Mix tag will now use the TIT3 or Subtitle tag.