Cannot export from Lexicon to Engine DJ - Unable to write to Drive G: (Google Driv)

Hi. I am trying to export from Lexicon to Engine DJ. I have successfully imported my tracks from Traktor. When I try to export to Engine DJ, I get an error “Unable to write to Drive G:”. I have no idea why is this - I have my Engine DJ and Lexicon installation on Drive C:. Drive G: is a virtual-drive set by Google Drive, to which Lexicon should not be trying to write to. I’m not sure why this is happening, is there any setting to exclude any drive from Lexicon?

See screenshot below:

And I’ve also created a video explainer to show the issue in more detail: Temporary: Issue Lexicon exporting to Engine DJ.webm - Google Drive

I would appreciate any advice - I need this to play on Denon CDJs for my friend’s party this weekend.


Check if you have any tracks in your library that are on drive G, that is most likely the problem.

You can sort the track browser by the Location column

That solved it, thanks a lot for your quick response. The issue was a track it couldn’t find on G: Drive.

Just some thoughts, but I believe it woul dmake more sense to skip or show a warning for tracks which don’t exist, rather than just a vague error saying it can’t write. And why would it want to write on G:? If anything, it should read, and write to the Engine DJ database on C:. If it’s syncing to Engine DJ, it shouldn’t be writing anything on drives on which the Engine DJ is not located.

I agree but I’m not sure it’s easy to check if a drive is read-only… I’d have to look into that :thinking:

There should be a better message at the very least though instead of this error