Cannot import from VirtualDJ after moving settings folder back to the root drive

Lexicon version: v1.2.3

Operating system: Mac

Bug description:

I am unable to access VirtualDJ’s database for import. My setup is that:
I have all of my music on an external SSD
I used to have Documents/VirtualDJ symlinked to /Volume /, but I have switched to having the back on the root drive of my MacBook, as Documents/VirtualDJ (as it was intended to be in the first place), as Atomix fixed a showstopper bug with Database Backup/Restore.

I now cannot access the Database for import, and I get the following error:

Your VirtualDJ Database file is not valid. Please open and close VirtualDJ and try again

Step by step to reproduce:

Make sure your database of music is on an external drive
Go to the Import section, select “VirtualDJ” and click “Import Tracks and Playlists”


It seems as though there was corruption of the database (I’m not sure how because I shut the program down properly before drive ejection). After I restarted VirtualDJ a second time, it stated such and offered to correct the database, which allowed Lexicon to proceed. Please close this issue.

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