Can't get bpm or key on my tracks

can’t get bpm or key for my tracks

Can you give me a bit more info? What steps did you take?

now I can’t play my tracks saying something about streaming

saying streaming is not yet supported.

I’ve got all my playlists up but no bpm or key.

I pressed full for record box and playlist and exported tracks

What kind of tracks are you using? Streaming tracks or just mp3’s on your computer?

Screenshots about what is happening would really help here because I don’t really understand what the problem is yet…

mp3 tracks

Hey Christiaan got it all sorted out mate, old age is catching up on me.
Also how can you tell the energy of a track or is that personal preference?

It’s definitely personal but you can let Lexicon fill them in from Spotify. Right click tracks → Use → Find Tags & Album Art, make sure Energy is selected

Spotify is not lit up

Spotify has lit up but when I click on energy it turns of

If you enable Energy, it should always enable Spotify

Do you mean find Christiaan, because I click on energy and Spotify goes of?

Yeah like this?

It’s enabled there (green). You can’t turn it off because Energy is selected

yes mate but im not getting information about any tracks

Can you show me a few example tracks?