Can't search for Tags in Playlists

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Lexicon version: …0.3.38
Operating system: Mac

Bug description
I have several playlists of local files. Each track includes a genre tag. In the screenshot I’ve changed the first tracks tag from Techno Peak to Techno Hard. I then search for Techno Hard in the Tag column of the Techno Peak playlist and get no results. I can search for any tag in a playlist and get no results. Searching the Tag column in Incoming Tracks seems to work fine, e.g. the search for Male.


Thanks, I’ll look into it

Seems to work fine here, searched for Party and Techno Hard. Both give me results. That was in the Techno Peak playlist. Incoming tag search also works.

Can you try on the new version? Releasing it shortly

searching for tags now works in. playlists for me in 0.3.39 :slight_smile:

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