Can't view full file pathway for Local Path Mapping

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: … 1.1.24
Operating system: Windows (remove one)

Bug description: When setting up local path mappings. I am not able to view the entire pathway to verify the correct one.

Step by step to reproduce: Have a long remote pathway when setting up local path mappings. No ability to expand the popup window, hover over the text to see the full thing or any way except by guessing.

If this is about a DJ app, please also add screenshots of the problem in that DJ app.

This is fixed in the beta version and will be in the stable version soon

If you want to try the beta version, you can change your Release Branch setting in the Lexicon App Settings to “beta”.

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Can you explain what the local mapping feature does.

Seems like something i should be using as I have one drive that goes between mac and windows

Check out this manual page: Local Path Mappings | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

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Just tried it and works.

Now we need a way to share Lexicon specific user config between the two computers.

For example my defined tags.


Back up your settings to the cloud

Restore settings from the cloud

This would be a great addition not only for the two computer set up, but for when one upgrade the laptop

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