Certain Playlists aren’t Importing from Serato Dj pro

Having issues with Crates not importing into lexicon from Serato

What kind of crates, normal crates or smart crates?

Are the crates appearing in Lexicon but empty or not at all?

Sorry not sure i understand normal vs smart crate? I figured out the issue however. The parent crate for example “Amapiano” was not being imported however the sub crate “Amapiano Edits” was. I had to create and turn both into 2 separate parent crates in order for both of them to successfully import.

I also discovered my “M4A” files weren’t being brought over. I had to convert those to “MP3” in order to get those to be accepted into Lexicon to transfer over to Rekordbox.

Okay, good you fixed it :+1:
M4A files should be fully supported so not sure what happened there but if MP3 works for you, then all good. MP3 is the most supported format all around anyway, for any software or DJ gear