Certain tracks refuse to upload to cloud storage with no errors

Lexicon version: 1.4.0
Operating system: Windows

Bug description:
4 of my tracks won’t upload to cloud storage and no error message is given.

Step by step to reproduce:
Right click on the file I want to upload and select “Upload to cloud” the file shows the uploading icon which is replaced by the “not uploaded” icon, the file isn’t uploaded to the cloud storage, here’s a video of the issue:

These are the 4 tracks that won’t upload, 2,000+ other files work fine.

I will “Upload logs/database”

Can you check what the report says? C:\Users\Sean\Documents\Lexicon\Reports\Cloud Storage Upload 2023-07-26.txt

I suspect they exceed the limit of 200MB.

You’re right I checked the log and for all of those files its saying “Not uploaded, exceeds size limit of 200 MB” however two of the files I checked the size and they’re not over 200mb:

  • 49.4 MB - Miley Cyrus - We Can’t Stop Now Vs. Joe Stone - Right Here (Starjack, SoMixedUp).aif
  • 72.9 MB - The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army Vs. Cardi B - I like It (ATT, SoMixedUp).aif

Is there any way around this limit, I was planning to start video DJing in the future and I would bet that would cause a number of my remixes to be over 200mb. I’m just trying to decide if Lexicon is the right solution for syncing my two computers, I cant say I’m using any of the other features yet.

Well Lexicon is audio only currently, there is no way to even watch videos in it. That is why the 200MB limit exists because no normal tracks will go over that. The limit is needed to prevent abuse so there is no way around it.

Ah that’s a shame, that’s a deal breaker for me.

Could I suggest instead of unlimited uploads setting a reasonable quota and allowing users any size file which would be a better way to prevent abuse. Because lets face it someone is uploading their 100,000 track library of 9mb files.

Or maybe support using our own cloud storage?

Well you can use Dropbox or anything really and just put your files in there. However I don’t recommend it if you are using Serato because that will re-upload files each time you change anything, since Serato stores everything in those files.

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