Change file extension

How can I rename a number of files from .aif to .aiff?

I have a heap of files that were re-encoded from one format to another.

I have tried duplicate scan, but it requires 3 clicks & scroll for every file, x 1322 files

They are in different folders as you can see, and they are not the only files missing in my library (3471 files missing).

I feel the best solution is to selectively rename these files via “Find Lost Tracks”, but I can’t seem to find where to do this - it appears that the only option is to rename all missing files, not some.

That utility will rename all tracks that have a match in the source location.

Maybe it’s easier to use the recipe for this. Right click tracks → Use → Recipes → Change extension

Oh excellent! Thanks Christian - this functionality was available nowhere in any other software, dj or music management (iTunes/mediamonkey scripts etc) - that I could find. This will save me hours.
Final thing, I’m not getting that choice in the menu for some reason:

Found it - you need to bring up Edit then go to Change to Recipes.
So so close… But computer says no :sob: Could we have the option here to proceed, and then choose Source Track/Target Track/Choose Source for All/Choose Target for All?

Well you have one or more tracks that already have the extension you are trying to set. Maybe you can find those and remove them?

If (almost) all your tracks are AIF right now and you want to switch to (for example) MP3, you could show the File Type column and sort by that

Hi all,

For those experiencing this issue, or who can’t find how to reassign missing folders/files/extensions, or simply want to merge all your missing files from histories/playlists over the years, into the one file that remains on your computer:
The best and easiest way to fix it is to export all related playlists to .m3u. Then go and download listFix, which is free and runs on Mac, PC and Linux.

Simply choose your playlist folder, choose your destination folder, and it scans all playlists and subdirectories, indexes it all and does the rest, listing the 10-20 closest potential matches. Once you’ve chosen the match, it updates the playlists with the new folder.

If you’re using something such as Traktor or VirtualDJ, you can also use this on your play history. I had history going back nearly 10 years from various DJ programs, thousands of playlists. listFix fixed everything in about an hour. Reimported the database, and given they’re m3u playlists, it also works with MediaMonkey (powerful iTunes alternative).

Two months of incredibly frustrating work, various attempts with different software and requests for help, all fixed in about an hour.

Putting this here so hopefully no one has to go through it again.