Changing all the memory cues to hot cues

Hi, Im trying to convert rekordbox 6’s library to Serato.
The thing is that I use both memory cues and hot cues in Rekordbox, but guess serato supports hot cues only.
So what I need is making all those memory cues and hot cues to be exported to Serato as hot cues.
Is there any function to make this happen?

Thanks in advance,

When you import your Rekordbox library, you can choose Both as cue setting. That will import them both (without duplicates). Then just sync to Serato and you should get all your cues there.

okay so the memory cues are imported as white cues and the hot cues are imported as green.
But when i sync it to serato, only the hot cues are synced.
what am i missing?

It should sync whatever you see in Lexicon. Lexicon doesn’t know the difference between hot or memory cues, so if you see cues in there then they should all be synced.

Try again, maybe the files couldn’t be found or something, then it can’t set the cues inside the files

Problem solved!
just found out what I was missing.
They all synced well but i just didn’t notice them cause the memory cues with default color in RB(red) changed to transparent color in Serato.

Thanks Christiaan, Lexicon is truely a master key for DJs.

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