CHAT GPT integration

Using GPT instead of Music Pikard to return the year and genre of my music database, hoping for more clean/accurate results.

But now, how to integrate that data back into Lexicon > then Serato?

That’s cool but I wouldn’t count on more accurate results. ChatGPT is known for making up things.

There is no easy way to get those results back into Lexicon currently. It is possible through the API but you’d have to write a script.

I’ll get GPT to write that API code!

Agree with your sentiment, but Pikard is also not working ideally

Especially with new and mashup remixes, GPT is picking up the details correct

I was checking with you if Lexicon had a similar import feature, as it does with CSV export

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Not at the moment, generally Lexicon does that for you automatically like with finding missing tags. The API is there for techy folks who want more.

Not saying that ChatGPT isn’t super interesting and maybe it can help in Lexicon, who knows, further investigation needed :slight_smile:

I am absolutely thrilled by the capabilities of GPT! It is incredible to see how it can detect even the release dates of “mashup and DJ edit” tracks from record pools.

This implementation would be immensely beneficial to me as the current ‘Find Tag/Album art’ feature has not been able to provide me with accurate data. With this feature, I can better plan and organize my music folders without any hassle.

I am confident that this feature will be helpful to countless other users like me who have a vast music collection. In fact, I would be more than happy to upgrade my subscription to take advantage of this feature. This would enable me to quickly and accurately organize my 30,000 tracks without having to deal with the learning curve and poor results that pikard offers.

I decided to test it out with the classic country hit, “Coward of the County” by Kenny Rodgers, and I was amazed by the results obtained from both LEXICON and GPT. (note GPT it avoids confusion with additional META data from MIXED IN KEY, which exists as the number “-3” in the song title.

In my last example, you will see how LEXICON decides that the 1979 Country classic, is categorised instead as a 2009 Dance Electro Pop song.

FYI - here is a link to the actual song :slight_smile:

I suspect that LEXICON is reporting the latest album, which the song was released on - same as PIKARD et al.

But how, Dance, Electro Pop!?

It’s definitely a valuable tool and certainly something that would be good in the Find Tags & Album Art tool. The UI would have to change I think, so you can preview the results and save them if they look good