Clean-up duplicates in a playlist?

Traktor Pro has this handy feature, that removes duplicates from a specific playlist.

Because when creating playlist, you browse through your collection and then run into song that could fit in a certain playlist, but you might forget that the song was already there from a previous preparation session.

In Tractor, you go into your playlist and then right click

In Lexicon, you have the utility “Remove duplicates”, but this removes duplicate songs from the collection, not from the playlist.

Is there a way to remove duplicate tracks in a playlist?

Lexicon does not allow duplicates (the same track IDs) in a playlist so this shouldn’t be needed

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Would it be possible to add an option for allowing duplicates? Something I could turn on in settings. I use a blank track to separate songs when playing sets, which is just duplicated many times. This is the only thing that stops me from always doing a full sync back to RB at the moment.

Lexicon doesn’t allow duplicates in playlists, so that’s not possible. I don’t have plans to change that.

No worries, was worth asking. Figured out a way to do this anyway now :slight_smile:

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