CLearing the Lexicon Libary

How do you clear the Lexicon Library. I work with a playlist at a time and once i export it i don’t want it in Lexicon. Is there a way cos i tried the unticking of the merge but i still find it when i do smart fixes. I also dont want to go to program files > users etc. So is there a way in Lexicon?

If you untick Merge with current library and then import anything, it will delete all tracks and playlists before importing.

Thank You

Ok so if you drag a folder into Lexicon then this feature does not work

Yep, that’s right

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You can also use CTRL/CMD + A to select all tracks and same for playlists, then delete

If you use CTRL+A and delete would it delete it from the library?

Yes on the tracks main screen, deleting tracks there will delete it from Lexicon